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Chiropractic Biophysics (C.B.P.)

The Atlanta Spinal Correction Center, located in Alpharetta, Georgia, specializes in an advanced technique called Chiropractic Biophysics (C.B.P.).  This is a post-graduate specialization that applies the principles of mechanical engineering toward the correction of the human spine.  Just as you have a normal temperature and blood pressure, your spine has a normal clinical position.

If your spinal column's curvatures are abnormal and ignored, this can cause a lower state of overall health and will lead to premature degeneration of your spine.

Our services are unique to other chiropractic work, in that we use C.B.P. and the latest technology in instrument adjusting to restore most of our patients' spines back to a more normal position.  By gentle correction, we can reduce nerve pressure and restore proper body function.  This gives your body a better potential to communicate and heal itself without the need for extensive medical intervention.