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Reaching Corporate America with Chiropractic

Today’s Chiropractic

March/April 2003 Cover Story

Dr. Sean McWilliams’ move into the world of hands-on care put him in touch with the need for healing at today’s business… 

Not so long ago, Dr. Sean McWilliams was a construction worker in Pennsylvania who gave great neck massages.  That all changed one day when he was massaging his friend’s mother’s neck.  She casually told him that he had great hands and should be a chiropractor. 

“It was the strangest thing, a light went off inside me and I got excited about it.  I didn’t even know what a chiropractor was at that point,” said McWilliams.  “I called a couple chiropractors in my town and they told me that it was an amazing healing art.  I did get discouraged after they showed me what I needed to do to get into the school, but my dad told me you can do it if you put your mind to it.  Then God just sent some great teachers in my life.”

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Never Give Up, Never Give In:  Dr. Sean McWilliams’ Secrets to a Successful Startup

Chiropractic Economics

June 2001 Cover Story

 In less than a year, Dr. Sean McWilliams has built a thriving start-up practice that seems to be growing by the day.  McWilliams, owner of the Atlanta Spinal Correction Center in Roswell, Georgia, has based his professional life on two basic tenets:  “Never give up, and never give in,” and “Image is everything.”

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